I’ve been getting more and more requests from people who have specific issues or questions they need help with, but don’t feel like booking a call session (for any reason).

I used to reply to each of these emails for free and provide answers, but I can no longer keep up with them. So I’ve decided to offer an “email consultation package” as an intermediate option.

For $49, you can book an email consultation with me where I will give you detailed answers to your questions. This will be a 4 email exchange, meaning you can send an email, I will reply, you will reply, and then I’ll reply one last time. You’ll therefore be able to send 2 emails with your inquiries.

You can ask specific questions about nutrition and relationship with food and body. These obviously won’t be as in-depth as online face-to-face consultations, but they can be an interesting starting point for people who don’t feel comfortable with the online session.

If you wish to book this email consultation, please fill the form below. I will then send you an email to get the process started and provide the payment option.

Looking forward to hearing from you!