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Life lessons

The lessons of life are a great teacher. It teaches us how to chart our course as eaters who struggle with food and body image. Life is not just a resource that nourishes our existence. It’s also a journey. Our unique journey. This journey shapes our personality and makes us a multidimensional being. Life is …

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Dynamic psychology of eating

Dynamic psychology of eating is a new approach that redefines our relationship with food. It involves using life and mind to provide us with the resources we need to move toward our natural selves. This essential approach to life helps us avoid undesirable behaviors, such as eating and body-related disorders. Thus, dynamic psychology of eating …

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Mind body nutrition

The concept of mind-body nutrition asserts that the mind and emotions have a critical influence on the diet and the psyche of the eater. The field of nutrition alone is certainly necessary, but it remains woefully inadequate to complete the puzzle of the relationship with food. The crucial missing piece of the puzzle is a …

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