Dynamic psychology of eating

Dynamic psychology of eating is a new approach that redefines our relationship with food. It involves using life and mind to provide us with the resources we need to move toward our natural selves.

This essential approach to life helps us avoid undesirable behaviors, such as eating and body-related disorders. Thus, dynamic psychology of eating reveals the direct connection between food challenges and personal story.

It is an existential compass that points to an area of life that needs to be explored. Exploring these areas of life and understanding this connection allows us to stimulate our mind when it’s numbed by food and body issues.

Incorporating this connection into our existence brings about physiological relaxation, which opens the way to healing binge urge, emotional eating and overeating. Dynamic Psychology of Eating is the perfect complement to Mind-body nutrition and the lessons of Life. It characterizes 9 essential tools that improve our relationship with food in a significant way. For more informations, watch this video.

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