Life lessons

The lessons of life are a great teacher. It teaches us how to chart our course as eaters who struggle with food and body image. Life is not just a resource that nourishes our existence. It’s also a journey. Our unique journey. This journey shapes our personality and makes us a multidimensional being.

Life is constantly teaching us new lessons, and these life lessons transcend all others; wellness is a long journey; the more we are aligned with what we need to learn to grow, the further we move away from our eating disorders and the more we reach our metabolic potential.

This journey teaches us 9 life lessons. They are buried deep within us and affect our bodies through stress, relaxation, emotions, trauma, hormonal, nervous, immune and digestive pathways. They are the key to our psychobiology. They speak to us, we need to listen to them. They perfectly complete the dynamic psychology of eating and mind body nutrition.

Check in this video 9 life lessons that can positively impact your relationship with food and body. These are helpful tools to reach your true self, your natural weight and your optimal metabolism.

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