Mind body nutrition

The concept of mind-body nutrition asserts that the mind and emotions have a critical influence on the diet and the psyche of the eater. The field of nutrition alone is certainly necessary, but it remains woefully inadequate to complete the puzzle of the relationship with food. The crucial missing piece of the puzzle is a good psychophysiological understanding of the act of eating.

What is psychophysiology? Psychophysiology is the study of mind and body. It is important to understand for two reasons. Firstly, it affects our thoughts, beliefs, emotions, metabolism, weight, digestion, nutrient absorption, caloric expenditure, and all the nutritional functions of the body. Secondly, it also affects our inner world, our outer world, and our various areas of life.

Nutrition encompasses a much broader reality. We are nourished not only by food, but also by all the resources of existence that we tap into. When we allow ourselves to get nourished by Life, we grow and we continue to progress. And this is where mind-body nutrition comes in to enhance our relationship with food.

Mind-body nutrition perfectly complements two others substantial concepts : The Psychology of Eating and The 9 Lessons of Life. Mind-body nutrition provides 12 essential tools to dramatically improve your relationship with food. For more information, watch this video.

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