Hello, my name is Sebastien Febvre. I’m a European french mind body nutrition coach. Let me tell you how my journey lead me to this job. Since childhood, I’ve been binge eating and obese without knowing the sensations of hunger and satiety. Food was the center of my life and I didn’t care about health complications. And yet, I did it. How did I do it? Something clicked. One morning I looked at myself in the mirror: the body I saw didn’t match the one I had in my head.

I know what it’s like. Compulsive eating, overeating, bulimia, uncontrollable cravings, emotional eating, unsustainable diets, intense exercise, overweight, fear of food, low self-esteem and body image… You know these conditions that ruin your existence with the feeling of being stuck. I’m familiar with them too.

So I studied dietetics to understand the physiological and nutritional needs of the body. Nutrition is important, but it’s not enough. What was missing was the equally important psychological element. During my research, I found the missing piece of the puzzle. It was a new approach called the Psychology of Eating. In learning about it, I discovered an incredible and unprecedented insight into the impact of the mind and life domains on eating behavior.

As I applied these principles to my daily life, changes occurred. My relationship with food and my body, digestion, calorie burning, mood, emotions and energy all improved significantly. As a result, I lost the excess weight and achieved a balanced weight that I have maintained since. When your life and mindset change, so does your body.

With my personal healing experience and mind-body nutrition coaching, certified by the renowned Institute for the Psychology of Eating, I’m here to help you find lasting peace with food and body. I’ll be with you every step of the way on your journey to your natural weight and true self. Until then, nourish your life!

Have you tried everything? Are you at a loss? One good talk can change all that. I’m sure you haven’t said your last word. There’s no such thing as fatality. Every situation is reversible. So go ahead and book a free appointment to take stock of your personal history with food and your body. You have nothing to lose. On the contrary, you have everything to gain by finally finding the method that’s right for you. Your transformation can start now!

Coaching certification

  • Trained in french dietetics

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